Here at LiveWell Dental we pride ourselves on the ability to treat all our patients with the care that they deserve.
We are able to provide a wide range of different treatment for all our patients from general dental to cosmetic and implant placement.


We are now pleased to be able to offer ‘Sleep Dentistry’ via a partnership with Sleeping Safely.
Many patients suffer anxiety when considering having dental treatment particularly in cases where large amounts of restorative treatment, wisdom teeth extraction and implant surgery are required. In chair sleep dentistry offers a convenient and safe alternative to General Anesthetic at a considerably cheaper cost, with medicare rebates available.
Sleep Dentistry is also know as ‘Twilight Sedation’. Meaning the patient remains conscious, albeit sedated throughout the procedure. It involves an I.V drip placed in the patients arm by a highly qualified anesthesiologist with the support of a registered nurse. Often patients have little to no memory of the treatment, making for a relaxed and calm experience and easy recovery.
If you would like more information on this please feel free to contact us on 03 9772 8481 Carrum or 03 5975 5857 Mornington.

LiveWell Dental teeth whitening


We offer several different types of tooth whitening. Zoom whitening is our most popular system. Gel is applied to your teeth, then you relax lie back and enjoy our television on the ceiling! The 1 hour procedure can whiten teeth up to several shades, giving you a fresher smile instantly. Alternatively you can opt for the home whitening kit to achieve your newer brighter and whiter smile at home.


LiveWell Dental teeth cosmetic dentistry


Cosmetic work is our passion, it can be incredibly rewarding transforming a persons smile and giving them back their confidence. Whether it be crowns or veneers to transform the shape, colour and appearance of teeth, dental implants to replace missing teeth or tooth whitening to freshen your appearance WE LOVE TO MAKE YOU SMILE


When a tooth is badly damaged by decay or trauma Root Canal Treatment can be an option to save the tooth and keep it in function. At LiveWell Dental we can offer this service within our clinic.

livewell dental implant


Implants can be a fantastic way of replacing missing teeth either a single tooth or several, restoring your smile and returning good function so you can eat with confidence. At LiveWell Dental we carry out the whole procedure from start to finish, you will not be referred to another dentist for any of your clinical appointments. This keeps costs down for the patient and gives them the confidence of familiar surroundings at each and every appointment.

LiveWell Dentist


Having teeth removed can be a daunting prospect, at LiveWell Dental we try to keep the procedure as stress free as possible. You can relax knowing your in very capable hands and that nearly all teeth extractions no matter how troublesome they may be will be carried out at the clinic.

LiveWell Dental Alignment


Do you like the thought of straightening your smile but hate the thought of braces?

Porcelain Crowns could be the alternative your looking for…

An amazing difference in as little as two weeks. Giving you the confidence to shine!


LiveWell Colour Correction


Do your teeth have the tendency to stain, much to your angst?

Porcelain Crowns may be the solution…

Teeth can darken with time even with the most fastidious of oral hygiene. Wear and tear are also part of life, Porcelain Crowns will restore your smile without ever having to whiten again!

LiveWell Structural Correction


Thought removable dentures were your only option to broken down teeth?

Dental Implants, Porcelain Crowns and Bridges may be for you…

Unfortunately, teeth don’t always last forever and not everyone likes the thought of taking their teeth out before bed. Thankfully dentistry has come a long way. Replacing missing teeth with Dental Implants and repairing broken down teeth with Porcelain Crowns and Bridges is a long term and exciting solution!